EMF Development Corp.
1019 River Avenue Johnstown, PA
Phone: 814-536-5047
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EMF Development Kantner IronKantner Iron and Steel is the premier purchaser of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals in Somerset County. Whether you have a couple of pounds or 1000 ton, they service anyone looking to turn their scrap into cash with two locations. www.kantneriron.com
EMF Development Kantner Iron FirewookLooking for firewood or other commodities from the hills of Somerset County? For pricing on seasonal products such as fresh corn and other products available at the Kantner Iron and Steel yard CLICK HERE!
EMF Development LVTechFrom our inception LVTech has been our provider of choice for all aspects of our technology needs. Their expertise and guidance with our infrastructure, hardware, and software has paid off in making EMF a state of the art recycling and scrap facility. Visit them at www.LVTech.net.
EMF Development LamarYou may have or probably recognized the amazing graphics on our page as those you've seen decorating the roadways throughout western PA. These amazing digital works of art were designed by Lamar Advertising for our outdoor campaign and then incorporated into our site. If you are impressed, and how could you not be, contact Dan Dillier at 8146939815.
EMF Development BuyBack ProWhen Everett Duty Sr. set out to create a software solution for recycling centers, he built it off the the philosophy that his product would have to be Fast, Easy To Use, Compliant, Affordable, Cutting Edge, and Flexible. We believed in that philosophy and it is Everett's BuyBackPro that runs our yard. If you'd like to find out more about BBP visit www.buybackpro.com.
EMF Development American PulverizerWhen it comes to quality reduction equipment for a ferrous and non-ferrous scrap there's nothing quite like a top feed shredder from American Pulverizer. Just in case you're looking for one for the backyard.... www.ampulverizer.com.